@ZachBanes – YNG X DTRMND featuring Ki’Shon

zachbanes ynd

Creeping through Rapzilla and we found this track from Zach Banes titled Young & Determined aka YNG x DTRMND which features Ki’Shon. From what we could gather he is from Arkansas and we also found some inspiration from this proud man of faith, Mr. Banes off of his FB:

“If you only do something for the results, you’re always gonna want more. There can always be better results.
Do things because they make you happy, healthy, or prosperous. Do things that fit. Don’t do things for the acceptance of other people.
I made a decision a long time ago that I wouldn’t stop doing what I felt like I should do whether I had 1 person that cares what I do or 5,000 people that care.
It’s easy in the early stages of doing something to get caught up in that. But if you’re truly happy doing something, do it because you’re happy and because it fits. It does not matter what results you have or what other people think as long as it’s right for you.” 

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