G Count Interview with Zack TV

Chicago’s own G Count recently sat down with Zack TV and chopped it up about his split with the group LEP Bogus Boys, losing his homie Larro, becoming a legendary Chicago artist and more. Watch it above now!

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Dj MilTicket Talks w/ ZackTV1

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By now the world already knows who DJ Mil Ticket is and how hard he works to get to the top of the charts. This man has a brand new racing game that’s expected to be released sooner then later. Just listen as he gives the world a brief update of some of his power moves.

Lil Mouse & Big Folks Talk Slim Jesus w/ ZackTv! (Video)

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This is a must watch, late Wednesday night on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood that’s known for violence, Zacktv1 had the opportunity to catch up with the homies Lil Mouse and Big Folks (C.E.O of Hellabandz Music Group), as they were in the studio working on #WATTBY mixtape with (Matti and Mouse) They felt a certain type of way after seeing Hamilton’s own Slim Jesus entertain the world with his “DRILL” rap which is famous around the wold from the Chiraq savages.

Slim Jesus – ZackTv1 [Interview]

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Slim Jesus took the world by storm when he released his new video entitled “Drill Time” the people went crazy and was shocked to see a caucasian rapper spit them street gritty bars that’s known from most Chicago artist. Slim Jesus song went viral so quickly that most of the drill rappers that he grew up listening to started to reach out to him. The young 18 year old kid ended up making a remix to his “Drill Time” song along with some heavy hitters from the “Drill” music scene such as P Rico, Killa Kellz, and King Yella. This was an amazing combination and to really put the icing on the cake all clothes were provided by national clothing designer, Chicago King Dave. Everyone knows Dave from his incredible line of fashion with the double F’s which stands for ” “Fuck Fame”. These Chicagoans actually took a trip down to Slim Jesus home town of Hamilton, Ohio to shoot the video along with one of the world greatest directors, Zacktv1 himself. Always remember where you seen him first because we create stars over here before the label actually sign them.

ZackTV1 Interview w/ Lil Mouse & Matti Baybee (Shorties Taking Over)

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Zacktv1 caught up with two young incredible musicians who’s going to be around the game for a very long time. Lil Mouse and and Mattie Baybee also known as two young legends who are currently running the Chicago Rap Scene right now. If I told you their resume combined you still wouldn’t believe me. Lil Mouse has worked with Lil Wayne, Young Scooter, Lil Durk, Top Shatta and the list continues. Mattie has worked with King Louie, Lil Durk, Big Glo, (R.I.P.) Tink, and most recently the infamous Chief Keef. The HellaBandz and SoABnormal stars gave me some of the answers that the world has always wanted to know since day 1. Follow these guys as they leave a mark in the game that will forever be remembered.