World Premier: GT – Y.B.G. (Young, Black & Gifted)


The 1st official single from Executive Producer Dough From Da Go’s highly anticipated album “Mineral Water” titled “YBG” (Young Black Gifted) from Chicago’s own GT produced By Tezalami & AOK. The struggle isn’t new but just more televised and aggressive making it topic of major conversation. What does one do in the midst of a storm? Well Dough from da Go, who is Chicago born and raised, decided to paint a picture for us… with the colors of hand-picked producers and the substance of talented emcees from all over the Midwest (exception of West Coast’s producer Kelly Portes) to make Mineral Water. “This is my ode to Hiphop.” Dough said while documenting behind the scenes of the process. “I am not rushing it, just allowing it to come together.”

After vibing out for several moments to “Y.B.G.” I found a young man, like millions of other young men around the world, who are trying. This song is about the efforts and daily struggle of the young black male in cities across the world especially in Amerika. Trying to make progress in life, trying to care for his elders, trying to put a smile on his girls face and trying to stay alive. It makes me wish we as people judged less and talked to each other more. I couldn’t imagine but I can do my best to relate because any time a man tells his story, it’s special. And that is exactly what Dough from da Go is trying to do. A youth of 90’s hiphop and marketer of todays he is trying. Trying to bring CLASSIC back. Classic style of production, story telling in lyrics and the essence of the culture many call life.

Chorus: “Young, black, gifted nigga all I ever did was try stay in my lane and hydroplaning, pulling all my ropes to get by.”

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