Chase Davis – The Water Album

The Water Album

The Water Album is an eclectic mixture of 80’s pop culture, film, and video games, which perfectly meets the modern day sound of Chase Davis. The project stretches the boundaries of creativity by infusing elements of various genres and blending them together. People who are enthusiastically seeking creativity in various forms will enjoy every sound and detail of this audio masterpiece. It will surely benefit those who have been influenced by pop culture, great film, and exciting video games that serving as indirect links to childhood memories and experiences. When asked to describe the project Chase said, “This project was a way to experiment with sounds I usually wouldn’t use together. It’s got an electronic feel to it, mixed with my signature drum patterns. It’s outside of the box, but still contains elements I’m known for.”

Anyone who is looking for the ultimate entertainment experience will absolutely love The Water Album. It offers a new punch of Davis’ rhythm, although it still has his popular drum patterns. It’s the equivalent of turning a modern day S550 Benz into a time machine and touring memories of the past with a modern day perspective. Every stop made on this ride is like the first drop of a rollercoaster and sure to thrill the listener. The Water Album includes eleven tracks with production and idea assists from Psya Beatz. The sound for this body of work can only be described with one word and that’s EPIC.

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