Shoebox Benny – “Car Bombs” (Album)

Chicago rapper Shoebox Benny has been making major strides in the music industry since releasing singles from his highly anticipated project “Car Bombs”. The 14-track project features songs with Benny The Butcher, Jon Woodz, Britt Edwards and production from Bravo Fake Decent and UGK legendary producer Cory Mo. Shoebox Benny has been building his label and brand Masterless Multimedia over the past few years and prides himself on blending melodies with lyrics to leave a lasting impression on fans. His blend of creative content is consistent in speaking to true hustlers from the streets and beyond.

Standout singles “Straight, “Be Like That” and “Shame the Devil” featuring Benny The Butcher, shows the versatility in his artistry and gives a unique preview into his sound. He was recently featured on DASH Radio, SiriusXM Fakeshoredrive Show #TheDrive, and is performing at SXSW this year on the Urban Fetes and Core DJ’s Stage.

Shoebox Benny – “Be Like That”

Chicago rapper Shoebox Benny just dropped his new video “Be Like Dat”, in anticipation of his EP release “Car Bombs”. Shoebox Benny has been making quite the name for himself since gaining features in Dirty Glove Bastard, ThisIs50, Dash Radio, and more. A true lyricist at heart, Shoebox Benny stays consistent with his music speaking to true hustlers with his new song “Be Like That”.

“Car Bombs” EP is set to release in early March and will have a major feature from Benny The Butcher. He is also prepping for his performance dates next month at SXSW on Urban Fetes Stage on March 19th.

Shoebox Benny – “Straight”

Shoebox Benny drops a club banger with his new single “Straight” from his highly anticipated project “Car Bombs” set to release in late February. Native to Chicago, Shoebox Benny delivers his laidback cadence and brash metaphors as he paints a story about how he keeps it 100 in any situation. Creating memorable bars about avoiding snitches, and foul women and keeping it “Straight” from the gate. “Straight” creatively describes the importance of establishing a legacy built on realness. In a world full of frauds, it’s important to have something you can stand on. Being real and keeping is 100 is law to life and Shoebox Benny delivers this message with the single, “Straight.”

Shoebox Benny – “Drug Money Motivated”

Chicago native Shoebox Benny, known for his laidback cadence and vivid lyrics recently released his new single “Drug Money Motivated”. Shoebox Benny makes an anthem for all the true born hustlers of the world with the hot new single “Drug Money Motivated”! This raw song takes a different approach to show how street life can change your life, in positive ways. “Drug Money Motivated” introduces us to the cut throat flow and realism of Shoebox Benny, as he tells us about all the things money can buy, how hustle and results will drive you to do the necessary to make a comfortable lifestyle for you and yours. This single is a celebration of the realest, coming up and getting paid.