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Thanks for sharing your music with us, do you ever consider how people will react to your music? I often consider if my music will cause a reaction at all. I enjoy making music everyday I do so. But, I also want my music to spark new ideas, revolutionary action, art, anything positively moving hip hop forward and people closer together without hatred. If I make anyone to begin thinking on their own then I’ve done something right.

What is your creative process? Your inspiration? I draw from my life experiences. I choose not to create 5 or 6 projects in a year because the music can become repetitive. I’m always expanding my knowledge by studying often. I take what I learn, discuss it, create it, and live it. My music is made after that. I speak on what I’ve been through and learned. Paintings, poetry, 808s, gold, women, and my history are a few things that inspire me.

What do you want people to know about you? I urge people to find their own truths. Do not fall for popular opinion. I think for myself.

There is a slight resemblance to NWA’s “Fuck the Police” track and they say everything comes back around, right? So this time around what do you think is different about what you are doing or what you have shared?
Unfortunately, nothing has changed. A lot of make up has been placed but amerikkka is still as ugly as ever. NWA used their voice and platform to share the harsh truths of what went on in that time. I’m doing the same. Either song could have been released in any year of the past 50 and would be extremely relevant. I’m hoping this time, my songs and influence stops the unjust deaths by the hands of police, govt officials, and civilians forever.

You have been producing music since you were like 10 right? What is your favorite piece of equipment? When did you start rhyming, for those that don’t know? I’ve been producing since I was 12. The first installment of the Fruity Loops program was what I first created on. I always played around with rapping since about 9 or 10, but I took myself serious at 17.

Name one thing you do outside of music? I read books.

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