Rav. P – Untitled


Check out new music from Jersey representer Rav.P titled “Untitled”.

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Rav. P – Indecisive (MF DOOM BURDOCK ROOT)


One step from fallin off one step from blowing up
Labels had the pimp hands and said I wasn’t hoe enough
Locals said I wasn’t known enough to blow it up
I don’t remember you growin up
Shows w a couple thousand and shows where nobody was showin up
But I still show n prove like the mic stand was holdin me up
Find the inner chi w synergy
Disappear you remember me like banksy identity
Graciously drop the dead weight and the fatty tissues
Grown man but still got daddy issues
Who gon help me
But this mic and the beat
To people that only listen when it’s white in the street talk
I’m Trynna breach right to my peak
Road to success
Nikes on my feet keep the cypha complete
I was never the popular type
So it’s always been my talent that got me no hype
S/o to the vickers prolly saved my life
While momma was working late nights
I was only Trynna get right
Random thoughts feelin like a big city night slicker
Roamin 8th ave lookin for thick pretty white bitches
How you doin btw w ya designer clutch
Money is the root but it still says in God we trust
I’m just Trynna head home she asked now where’s the ride for us
24 hour service provided by the Papi bus
W a mixed gyro from the finest halal truck
But you don’t mess w truck food?
You gon learn today
Sometimes I’m like fuck honest I need me an earning pay
W the max pay out
A 9-5 is played out
But it’s an oxy moron thinkin you gon trap ya way out
Saw it at an early age
My older brothers rockin gold rope chains on any grimey street in Newark
That Jamaican shit
Take over blocks that’s how you make a flip
Never wanted to rap for the sake of it
Ain’t no replacin it
For that feelin I’m chasin
Fuck makin it
most these niggaz is fakin it
I was writin Trynna get fucking hotter than satans dick
Don’t take it personal dog
My experience most Niggaz is fake that’s why my circle so small
So if you different than the rest don’t mistake it as weakness
Gotta learn yaself you either wake or you sleep nigga