Shore Klub drops new video titled “Whatever”

New video directed by Jack Nine Films is a track titled, ‘Whatever’ from Shore Life. What is Shore Life? “Success Hoping on Royal Entities”, represents something much greater than mixed drinks and the ocean breeze. The main goal behind the concept is to break boundaries, all boundaries seen in different traditions and cultures within music. They look at how certain groups of people are perceived to only welcome or comprehend one genre of music, basically whichever fits modern stereotypes. Shore Klub is made up of Maui Melodic, OTB and Sav “Surfboard”Po.

They ask their fans, “Why must we be the person society sets us up to be? Why can’t we break these boundaries and move on to new endeavors? What you like is what you like. What you want is what you want. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be you. Just be you!”

With the many different styles this group has to offer, they all have the same mutual love, and appreciate the value of real music. Music has the power to both build and destroy in many lives. The group revolves around the idea of living a life where you can do anything, since anything is possible!

There is no better life than “THE SHORELIFE” THE SHORELIFE represents a life where there is an endless amount of positive energy that only leads to one outcome…