What is Indie 500?

What an amazing set of triplets! We are all growing up and we all need a little help from our friends. 9th Wonder, Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch have come together to create a company called Indie 500 (which I think is NEEDED in today’s industry state). These gentlemen have combined their companies in a collective manner to form an independent company that assists distribution for Hip-Hop artists.  “We looked at each other and we were like, we should do business together and music together. Not just on the rap side, but on the touring side, the business side and sharing of information,” stated Monch. “It’s empowering, it’s beautiful, and it’s important for that to be known. To inspire younger generations to not only rap, but to start companies and corporations.” according to AllHiphop. Stack or Starve was down at A3C Hiphop Festival in Atlanta along with these fellas and was witness to a dope interview with 9th Wonder via the COMBAT JACK SHOW. Definitely something to listen to along with the most recent music from Pharoahe Monch PTSD & Talib’s P.O.C. LIVE.  For the latest from OKAYPLAYER CLICK LINK