@CoreyFinesse – Vagabond

Hailing from the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn (also known as “The 90s,”), Corey Finesse always had a strong passion for music. Recording his very first song at the age of 9, he did not fully take his talents seriously until the 8th grade when his teacher caught him writing lyrics in class. The progress would prove to be fleeting as he soon fell victim to the trappings of the street life. It is then that Corey grew closer to his neighborhood friends Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Jah Jah, Cueno and the now deceased Shyste, all of whom the world would come to know as GS9. Over 4 years ago, the collective looked to leave behind the street life by shifting their focus to music. It was then that Corey Finesse’s work ethic and talents were fine tuned. Corey has been hard at work in the studio crafting his forthcoming album “God’s Plan,” which has not yet received a release date. Former Gs9 member Corey Finesse a.k.a. ZOE GOD now signed to NuLaENT reintroduces himself to the world with a new single called “VAGABOND”.
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