KC – Confused

Chicago’s own independent artist KC drops a new visual entitled “Confused” produced by Victor H Beats and shot by Passport Trace. Check it out now and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at: @KC_KTG!

Featured Interview w / KCG (Chicago Unsigned Artist)




Who is KCG?

That is a very good question cause he is many things K.C.G. Is a grinder one of the hardest workers in the world will give his all to an endeavor till it is either complete or beyond complete I am one of those type of people who’s a workaholic, I can’t stop till the job is done so when you come half ass with me prepare for the wrath cause I ain’t for the bullshit

Where are u from? 

Chicago born and raised mostly on the SouthSide, from the Wild Wild to the Lowend but I have lived all over the city and I have ants in my pants so I never stay still for too long. I have moved around like furniture after a fight with Bernie Mac May he Rest In Paradise so let’s just say I am well traveled….

Describe your style

“I call my shit the Rapture my flow got that hit.. Make you feel like a fiend that that just got that shit… fo real” #IquoteMyself Naw but for real tho My nigga Pheave Big Shout Out to him, he said my style sound like a young Rakim and I am sure he said this joking but I took it as a huge compliment being that Ra is in my top 5 dead or alive so I am going to have to say that my style is a mix of old school FIRE and BARS I combine the two I switch it up one with out the other bottom line I am an ARTIST never know what I am going to do….

Do you believe that your music will withstand the test of time?  

Yes it already has, I am well known on the net.. people love me all over the world it was only a matter of time before industry got a hold of me. I keep it so 100 people ask me can they hear songs I wrote when I was 14 all the time I have been doing this a very long time. And there is plenty more to come now that I am working with real Chicago heavy weights I don’t want to say too much but my bros Guillotine Max Ducy Bandz and the whole Killer Klan South got some heat coming up for yall know that…

Will the stories you lay out create some timeless Hip Hop classics?

Yes indeed, I am going to take people on a ride they will never forget we bringing back the riders we want FLOW! We want people to kill the beat not this ABC shit, we gonna eat that shit alive for breakfast and be looking for something really filling you feel me? Yea I am on that I feel that way hard as hell #SOWHAT

Describe your take on the hip-hop scene in Chicago?

It is amazing how much the spot light is on this city and we don’t even see it the whole world want’s to be us and we are giving them the wrong impression of this city and it’s people we gonna do way better!! #REALCHICAGOLOVE

Will there be a major project coming from you?

YES! but that is all I can say right now working out the details on this feature but I got to say upfront I don’t care if I don’t get one famous feat. I am going to work just as hard either way to make my music a success #period

What other artists have you had the opportunity to work with? 

I can’t lie I been in the game 25yrs or more I am a relic I have been in so many booths and on some many songs I never kept count coming up it has to be thousands of songs out there with a KCG feat on it.

Who and what are your musical influences? 

My influences are all over the place I love so many different types of music from so many artist I can go from Beethoven to Barry White I can go Jimmy Hendricks to Scarface I can go Nirvana to Guns and Roses I love music it give me life so it is hard to say just some I just love music period except for Polka and most Heavy Metal other than that I have songs and artist from all types of music that I love so many many

What was your last mixtape project? 

To be honest I never had one I kept starting one and never finished my thought is to just go ahead and drop a single which is So Wat (So What) and then drop a album fuck all that mixtape shit I been giving away music for years time to get some of that cake back ya digg

What should people expect from your upcoming projects?

Fire and bars I am going to be going crazy from here on out not playing at all I am going to go hard and let the world know what it is….

What artists are you listening to right now? 

Off top you know I am rocking with my people Killer Klan Killer Klan South No Slack Gang Scan P.Rico Wild Wild The General Louie 350 Lil Durk making noise in my playlist right now Juicy J Future Kanye getting a lot of play lot of old school too Rakim Busta Rhymes Scarface A Tribe Called Quest  NWA of course Beanie Sigel Pac and Biggie too many more to name tho…

Who would you like to work with in the future?

Man I would love to work with Big Sean, Juicy J, Busta Rhymes, 2chainz, King Louie, Lil Durk, Kanye that is a short wish list BIG WISHES THOUGH!



Is there anything you would like our readers to know? 

I got more and more coming for you follow ya boi on IG @kcgbos and Twitter @KCGbos I got so much going on for you to see and hear you don’t want to miss a min


Last but not least, SOS wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “WTF?!” moment…

One of the CRAZIEST ONES I was working at this parking garage down town Chicago right next to the Hard Rock across the street from Gibsons Steak house and I am in the middle of the street trying get people to park with me and what is coming down the street but a Black Bentley with a dark skin black dude in it of course I had to go hard as hell to get him to park with me and he drove pass me like four times I kept waving and flagging and I seen he had on a chain I am looking at it was big as hell I all I could think about was the tip long story short I parked it right out front and he gave me a dub before he left and a dub when he came back I looked at the ICE CREAM chain and said WTF I think I know this nigga later a friend that worked with me told me it was Gucci Man lmao at me didn’t even know it was him like WTF !