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Stop Beefin Radio Interview w/ Dough From Da Go

Salute to one of our Midwest affiliates, Stop Beefin Radio who recently interviewed Stack Or Starve founder Dough From Da Go. They touch on many subjects like: the brand, the much anticipated Mineral Water LP, its delay and other projects in the works. Peep the full interview HERE

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21 Savage x The Breakfast Club (Interview)

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60 Minutes: Chicago Without Hope

Liz Hayes of 60 minutes Australia caught up with Chicago rapper CTC Duwop, as he takes her through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago. In addition, they were also able to catch up with other various Chicago rap artists including: Leoski D, Mello Tha Guttaman, Bo Deal and I.L Will.

Part 1:

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Stream & Purchase Music From CTC Duwop : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ctc-crazy-duwop/id1191870265


Exclusive Interview: Beads Z. Wider

In the music industry we often forget about the journey and struggle that the individuals behind the scenes have to go through and it kind of makes sense because the publicists, marketing directors, managers, attorneys, A&R’s and industry folks alike are best when effective yet semi-unknown and unseen. However, here at Stack or Starve we have decided to shine the spotlight on one of the hardest working and selfless individuals behind the scenes; Beads Z. Wider of Live…Breathe…Love…Hip Hop.
Beads is a man of many hats depending on what is needed, is well connected and is never afraid to point artists in the proper direction; even when its outside of his direct network. We had the pleasure of catching up with Beads and getting to know a little about where he has been and where he is going! Beads Z. Wider is Stack or Starve Approved!

Stack or Starve: Peace Beads! First off, introduce yourself to our readers who may not be familiar with who you are and what you do in the industry.
Beads Z. Wider: It’s an honor to have had you guys reach out to me for this interview, first and foremost. As a guy from Brockton, Massachusetts, to have been embraced and had the pleasure of building with one of the Midwest’s biggest and respected movements has been huge to me.
Before anything else, I am a Father then I am a fan and forever indebted to Hip Hop. Some of my earliest memories in life revolve around Hip Hop and every struggle I have endured has been overcome with Hip Hop.
Right now I currently do everything from blogging, public relations, marketing, consulting, booking 2 FM college radio shows; it all really depends on where the artist is in their career.

SOS: Tell us a little about your beginnings in the industry.
Beads: Believe it or not, a lot of my beginnings in the industry happened in the Bay Area and LA, without ever actually being to either places. Back when I was in high school (Class of 2006) I was very active on 2 big forums, Siccness and WestCoastRydaz, and from those artists is where I really learned the importance of merchandising and consistency.
A few of the first singles/projects I ever had the honor of working through my interactions on Siccness.Net were; E-40 featuring Keak Da Sneak “Tell Me When to Go”, The Jacka “Tear Gas” and Messy Marv and Mitchy Slick’s “Messy Slick”.
WestCoastRydaz was the breeding ground for some of LA’s biggest and most respected names today. I’m talking about guys like; Glasses Malone, Nipsey Hussle, Jay Rock, Kendrick when he was K. Dot but like really early, Clinton Wayne, Problem, Bad Lucc, Mitchy Slick and so many more. I was a fan of the West Coast from my first time hearing DoggyStyle and for a lot of the west coast guys I was one of their links to the east coast, even just a fan and fledgling industry head. Shout out to CoopDVill and Styles!

SOS: Wow, that’s actually kind of dope and thanks to technology you had the ability to build your name before really even having one. How important do you think it was to have some of your first mentors and interactions be from outside your backyard?
Beads: Looking back on it now; I learned a lot of invaluable lessons on merchandising, which needs to be stressed because artists from the Bay Area especially are huge on branding and being visible since before I was even alive.

SOS: As a Massachusetts dude, who are some of your favorite artists and who are some of the industry people you look up to from your home state?
Beads: Oh man, Im a huge fan of everyone from my state because it’s really hard for artists from out here to make it and a lot of times, it’s due to a stigma we have been fighting for years. If you know your Hip Hop history, I don’t need to elaborate.
Some of my favorite artists all time and industry people from my state include; Mann Terror, Cool Gzus, Tangg The Juice, Mr. So Boston, Termanology, Rusti Pendleton, DJ Chubby Chub, DJ EA Sports and the list goes on.
Some of my favorite artists from New England, at the moment are; Jazzmyn Red, Kado Barliatier, Conflict, Bake, J Duce, Nuxx, Everybody Luv Black, Nancia and 100 Proof of 10 Toes Down.

SOS: What’s currently on your plate?
Beads: My daily focus is always building up my brand and my site, www.livebreathelovehiphop.com.
As marketing director of Enterprize Entertainment; I stay busy. We have a roster including G. Fisher, D_Dave, 1st AKA The Pretty Girl, Soultronik and a few more extremely talented artists. Whether it’s premiering a record on XM, watching Fish and Dave on Shade 45, watching 1st destroy ciphers; we have a family unit unlike most “teams”. We ride for each other and put each other in the forefront.
Dame Grease and the Vacant Lot/Wave Gang team always keep me on my toes as well. Dame is a LEGEND and his vaults are deeper than anyone can imagine and he is constantly making new hits with damn near everyone. I have to check daily just to keep up with The Goon Boss. One day it may be a Max B record and the next might be one of his newer artists like, E-Moe or CB Smooth, that’s the beauty of Vacant Lot Records.
Then from there we can go anywhere from Jazzmyn Red’s new album, recently released, “#WritingHerStory” to Alpac x Wiz Khalifa’s new project due out in March, Da Block Dwellerz (MA) to Uniceson (NJ) to X-yle (NY) to Mon$ta (Oakland) and so many more. I keep my doors open to everyone.
I was also recently brought on to help coordinate, “Network Boston”. A quarterly networking event held in Boston, Ma with some of the best industry people on hand for artists to build with. Shout out to Capitol Front Booking!
I also have the pleasure of building up and building with FM college radio personality and #1 Pusher, Ms. SnakeCharma. She is a huge key for the indy scene.

SOS: What’s the best advice you can give artists?
Beads: There’s a lot of things artists need to know and improve upon, I have daily interactions with artists and 9 times out of 10, the artists approach is all wrong.
OWN your music and name, first.
Do not spam and tag! Actually take the time to reach out an introduce yourself.
Do not ask 200 questions and then say, “Let me talk to my manager”. Send your manager to me, if that’s the case.
Do not run away when asked what your budget is.
and most importantly, know what YOU want and what YOUR vision is before jumping into talks with anyone.

SOS: How can people reach out to you?
Beads: Anyone looking to reach me can visit www.livebreathelovehiphop.com
I have all my information under the Media section!
Twitter and Instagram @Beads_Z_Wider

SOS: Anyone you want to shout out?
Beads: Of course, shout out to: Stack or Starve, Dough From Da Go, Dame Grease and Vacant Lot, Enterprize Entertainment, Hoffa at Gain Greene Records, Team Bake, DJ ShugaBooga and Super EngineEar Myke at the Bubble N’ Blow Show, Str8Mass, Ms. SnakeCharma, the whole New England, my city Brockton, Ma and a special shout out to some fellow publicists and media specialists that inspire my grind; Awesomenezz, Jason Bourne (The Plug), Ali Washington and everyone else who is sacrificing their time to push someone else into the limelight! Respect to the Bloggers, Publicists, Managers, DJs, Graphic designers, marketing teams and everyone else who selflessly pushes the Culture first!!

O.V talks about “Pegate” and P.M.S.

One day I was watching Thunder Cats on my boys FireSytk when my phone rang about this artist from Uptown who was on that bi-lingual move. Two languages makes you more diverse, right? Like the blended flavas of pecan and carmel… ok let me put my fire down. But I checked him out and saw he sang and rapped as well. Duality I thought. So, I reached out to ask him a couple questions.

MB: What is your writing process?

O.V: Once I listen to a beat, I zone out. It has to be the right beat. The right “type” of beat would make me go in my inner soul and take out an event from my life and put it in rhymes. It can take 20mins for me to write a song or 20 hours. It all depends on that feeling. But rest assure, when the song is finished, it will be to your liking! lol

MB: You are from New York, how do you feel about the newest artists to come out of NY?

O.V: I really like the fact that they are not shouting, “I’m bringing NY BACK!” They are just doing them. They are letting the music and the people speak for itself. They whole world knows about our NY Swag. That could never die. Everyone gets their turn. I see NY rockin’ again. Stay Tuned…

MB: What is next for you in 2017?

O.V: More music, Independent films, and I’m currently writing a pilot. I’m definitely concentrating on my acting more than ever, but music will be my first priority. Everything will come full circle in 2017. I can feel it!

MB: How hard or easy is it to be bi-lingual as an artist? Do you feel that gives you an advantage over other artists?

O.V:  Being bi-lingual does give me an advantage. I can write to either genre and sound good be it hip-hop, Latin hip-hop, or reggaeton. I’m one of the rare ones that sound good doing both. Some Spanish dudes can’t rap in English without that heavy accent coming out. And some can’t do Spanish, because they don’t know the dialogue. Seeing me excel in both may be where the hate might come in. At the end of the day, I’m just doing me! Like it or not, PERIOD!!!

MB: What is your definition of Stack or Starve?

O.V: In this game, you have to treat it like the caveman years; You hunt for the hit and save what you can, because you never know when the next one is going to be. I have all my ammo saved so when I drop a hit, there’s gonna be more than just one. Some artists go out with one good hit and their second one is far between. Not me… I have hits for BOTH Latin and English speaking demographics. I’m prepared for success at many levels. Somethings gotta give.

“Pegate” is off the mixtape titled ‘Pimpin Made Simple’ aka P.M.S. mixtape released the 1 st

Quarter of 2016. O.V, while filming “Pegate” visuals, released the visual to “Work It”. The P.M.S. mixtape

is made up of English tracks and 5 bonus tracks in Spanish. O.V has worked with producer master minds

like Sauce, who did most the production on the P.M.S. mixtape, as well as Mr. Amazing, Kase the

Producer and Beats Academy. In 2017, O.V has plans to share with the world his diversity and

commitment to the craft of his passion – music. In the meantime watch the Prelude to “Famous/Pegate”

while O.V. puts in the work towards his own fame.

For more info contact O.V. at www.OV139th.com

Booking & Features: LoyaltyMelo