Zo Season – “1 Day”

A young versatile, talented upcoming artist from The Bronx, New York. Zo Season comes from a Honduran background but, was born in The Bronx and raised in Coney Island by his Godmother while his mother worked as a Home Attendant and was at work 24/7. Zo Season found his passion in music at the age of 8 years old. His father had a Punta Band with his uncles, whom he witnessed played at multiple outings, his brother from his father side is a DJ and still to this day gets booked for events like cruises, weddings, birthdays etc. 
Zo Season was determined with the music so much, he wanted to put it through an organization he established with his close friend/brother also Co-CEO, Bankss. They go by MBE which stands for “Motivated By Everything”. He’s also in tune with another group established by his close friends/brothers, Lucky Banks and Kyrie Banko, called CreamEntertainmentBX. Zo Season has always had a support system from his family and close friends which pushed him to record his first song at 15 years old called “Need Light” featuring Bankss MBE. All Zo Season knew was progression, he released multiple songs with his MBE brother on soundcloud. During this time frame, Zo Season also worked on projects with Lucky Banks & Kyrie Banko for CreamEntertainmentBX. A few years later, Zo Season went to college and continued his artist career. Zo’s first performance was at his college party at SUNY DELHI, with support from his brotherhood fraternity Rho Chi Phi, which he rocked! After graduating in 2018, Zo Season released “M.A.C Tha Mixtape” which consists off 18 songs of progression, motivation, positivity and also energy. “M.A.C Tha Mixtape” is out now on all platforms and currently progressing in streams. You can also find Bankss MBE, Lucky Banks, Kyrie Banko, Edd Cash, & Yung Mal on this project as well. Zo’s most recent release single is called “My Name Is Zo” which is out now as well on all platforms and is also progressing in streams. Zo Season isn’t done yet, he won’t stop until the world knows who he is. 
This song called “One Day” is summed up in a few words by the artist himself; 
“Through out my life, there has been some memorable moments and colorful memories. Through it all I’m still in a grayscale. I see the light shining on me so I know 1 Day, Ima Make It!”- Zo Season
Stay Tuned for more unbelievable work from Zo Season!

Yung Vultcher – “Home Alone”

Another rising North Miami Honduran rapper coming out of the city is Yung Vultcher. He has been making noise lately for his “Home Alone” single with the official music video. Now, his debut mixtape, “Life Of Vultcher,” is here. It contains 12 tracks with a feature from TK Kravitz on “Upset.” On this project, we hear Vultcher discuss his struggles at a young age all while trying to come up and make a name for himself. Expect Vultcher to pick up even more momentum once the country re-opens and the coronavirus outbreak starts to slow down in the country, especially in Florida. For now, enjoy an impressive debut. Stream “Life Of Vultcher” by Yung Vulture via all digital platforms.