King Louie Speaks To CNN (Video)


Hip Hop artist King Louie appeared on CNN one week after the rapper was shot in the head in Chicago to discuss the shooting and gun violence in the city. He told anchor Don Lemon, “I was in my car, I was starting to leave a friend’s house and someone started shooting at my car. I think they shot 22 shots or whatever, and I was hit seven times. “Three of the slugs are still with me today. Two in my chest and one in my head.” King Louie is one of the most recognizable figures in drill music. The 27-year-old, credited with coining the term ‘Chiraq,’ recently collaborated with other Chicago artists on an anti-gun violence track called “Put the Guns Down.” King Louie told CNN, trying to explain the city’s problem with gun violence, “The devil’s working overtime in Chicago. “The devil’s working overtime”. View video below