Baked Prophecies – “Face Da Starz” ( Video )


Massachusetts is one of the most low key yet hardest working states in Hip Hop with rising stars and and hungry local acts flooding the scene with quality music.

Brockton emcee, Bake, has a few projects and mixtapes under his belt and after he linked with producer, Proph, for his last tape “Untitled”, “Baked Prophecies” was born.

On the lead single, “Face Da Starz”, we hear both emcees spitting real life bars that anyone can relate to. We get to hear Proph really display his lyricism and we get to hear Bake in his bag again proving why he’s one of the smoothest from the state.


Da Block Dwellerz – My Line (Video) | @DaBlockDwellerz @InphamousAmadeuz

If you are paying attention to the underground, Massachusetts is one of the state’s that has an undeniable batch of talent and a buzz that is beginning to match.
Brockton, Mass group, Da Block Dwellerz, have easily been one of the city’s most consistent for years and over the past few they have really begun to move towards the next level.
“My Line” was released earlier this year and Da Block Dwellerz went all out for the video.
Da Inphamous Amadeuz, is a magician with his lens work and one of the most respected shooters on the scene and “My Line” is another gem in his visual catalog.
Da Block Dwellerz and Inph used multiple locations including Queensbridge Projects and footage from inside “Angels” when Wifi Connectz hosted recently.
Check It Out Below!!


Bakery says “Untitled 1.5” is fresh out the oven (iTunes Release) | @Mass_Bake

For Immediate Release—–

Brockton, Mass is a city about 20 minutes South of Boston. It’s birthplace of Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler, home to one of the largest and most successful inner city High School’s and has a Hip Hop scene that is filled with artists that have been grinding for years and have realized the importance of having the business side proper.

Bakery, once know as J-Fitted, is one of the few artists who sound completely different from the beginning of his catalog to now, in all the right ways. He began as a rapper and now is evolving into a much more refined songwriter with metaphors and similes that keep “Bar Heads” interested.

“Untitled 1.5” began as “Untitled”, a collection of records and freestyles to keep fans at bay while he worked on his follow up to 2015’s, Lost In The Matrix, but after its initial street release in January, as a DJ Promo version only, Bakery decided to gather the feedback from the DJs and behind the scenes people and revamp the project to perfection.

Do not let the fact that its 4/20 and its a #TeamBake release trick you into thinking this is a project about weed. Being A King Everyday is the real reason its #TeamBake, and Bakery gives us many looks into his Gemini mind.

You can purchase the project on iTunes on 4/20!

Enjoy one of the singles from “Untitled 1.5″ below!

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Jazzmyn Red-Writing HerStory (Album Review) | @JazzmynRed

Last August I was blessed with an advanced copy of Jazzmyn Red’s “Writing HerStory” after securing a single for my project I was working on. As an avid supporter of independent artists in my area, I was already a fan of Jazzmyn based off her first mixtape, “Caught Red Handed”, and seeing her rock shows numerous times. However, the transition from the rugged, bar heavy emcee to the this current form of Jazzmyn Red has been a beautiful sight to hear.
Often times in Hip Hop women are objectified and there tends to be far too few positive female voices in our culture. This is where Jazzmyn Red steps in an has the potential to be this generations Lauryn Hill or Queen Latifah. Yes, those are two iconic names but trust me when I tell you, Jazzmyn Red possesses the finest attributes of the two with a heavy sprinkling of Gil Scott-Heron over the top.

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Coming from a multi-cultural household, we hear Jazzmyn touch on the difficulties she has battled throughout life but her lows are also transformed into huge triumphs right before our ears. This album is a true piece of art; we get very insightful, uplifting records (“If I Had a Daughter” and “Positive Vibes Only”), yet she delivers powerful spoken word interludes and thought provoking records  (Questionable Blackness, “Uncle Sam” and “Bound”) and still has the ability to smash us with pure bars (“Stay Grindin’, “Good Girl, Bad Attitude”).

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As the Father to a bi-racial 3 year old daughter growing up and developing in this crazy world, I am more than excited to be able to play her this album and keep it stashed for when she can really appreciate it. My baby will face the same obstacles in her life that Jazzmyn speaks on and this is an album that is so needed on so many levels.
You would be doing yourself an injustice if you fail to let this one spin all the way through. On a scale of 1-10, I can’t even put a number on it because 10 is too low. I am beyond elated to see this album unveiled to the world, and even more excited to see where this project takes Jazzmyn Red!
“Writing HerStory” is available on all major retailers right now!!