Interview w/ Rapcrush (Brattnae)

Tell us about the new singles Cheat On Me, & “Pussy”…lol, how would you describe them? Cheat on me is amazing because it’s so relatable . It’s like the first thing a woman will say. I heard it before from friends movies everything I just put my thoughts into a song honestly. Pu$$y is a song out the norm the song is basically saying what a woman will do when she get somebody real nothing more nothing less I mean I just say what females talk about on the regular but in my music .
What inspires you to write music like you do?
Regular everyday activities like I love to sing and rap so if I’m cleaning up listening to r&b especially 90s music I get inspired or things I do everyday and I just start singing something I bout start writing.
Describe your show, what’s it like to be at a RapCrush show performance?
It’s very different like I am a crazy person you never know what I got up my sleeve I have so much different music I can perform so many genres in one night . Every time I do a show I amaze the audience because it’s like wow I never seen a woman perform like that people a say . It’s always been fun performing for me I love to keep the crowd involved.
How did you meet Dj k Storm, and what is his role?
I met him thru social media honestly he saw me working and we clicked. He’s currently my Dj.
With so many Chicago female artists making way, how does Rapcrush stand out and plan to attack the game? Being different ,myself  and  feminism . Most female artist don’t be sexy they be acting like dudes I have soooo much to offer I plan to attack by just being me using my personality my voice my different styles to keep going crazy . Literally I can make anything and that’s what’s gonna separate me from everyone else. 
Do you feel your image is where it should be, or do you feel its room to grow?
No not at all I can’t lie I think it grow with time
though . I’m still growing so from where my image was when I first started recording at like 18 it’s definitely getting a little better but not where I want it yet .
What’s your vision for yourself in 2019?
2019 I want to surround myself with a valid team. I really wanna relocate to Atlanta but I just want more features with talented artist dope producers and a cold ass videographer and keep these hits coming.
How do the people contact you?
People always dm me like no to contact me email is the best way I check my email 25/8 But you can follow the social sites @rapcrush also
Any shout outs or last words?
My Dj…Dj k storm my engineer Mixsa, my sisters and brothers! Also my cousin my mom and that’s about it .