Video – Sam Black In The Studio “451”

Out of New Jersey many have emcees and hustlers have stepped to the plate and some have succeeded but many have passed. What are these youngins’ dying for? This music game is no joke but real life is the truth when it comes to pain and celebration. Life is short they say and a song lasts about 3 mins but people are dying for that 15 minutes of fame. Sam Black raps with his partner about the real life that young block boys, hustlers and want-to-be bosses are dealing with. Sam Black¬†make a very valid point and something I have been saying for years, “90% of you youngins MFers nobody ever brought ya’ll in, ya’ll don’t have any OGs sitting you down and coaching ya’ll through the real shit.”

These cats are really putting their heart and story into this “451” Project which for some reason most don’t take the time and energy to do. Artists are so quick to just make a song, post it on youtube or soundcloud and expect it to blow it. But there is no story or effort put into creating it. Some of the best albums have something behind them, a story or triumph but mostly struggle. Death changes everything… it either makes you numb or makes you run. Wake up and realize life is meaningful, life is deep and if you are going to die for something die for a reason that is worth LIVING for.

Coming Soon: “451”

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