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Say it for me. Say it outloud. NINETEEN NINETY SIX. If you have been doing anything consistently for as long as Dame Grease has well then you will appreciate this. Now, if you haven’t, then I suggest you listen up. Now I know, I know. Many will say because he doesn’t fly private jets or make it rain at your local strip club that he isn’t successful. Or maybe you think that because he isn’t all over TMZ or WorldStar that he isn’t fresh or dope to your standards. Let’s talk about the standard tho… the industry standard. Many of you think that you know, but I don’t think you do. A lot can change in a decade, don’t you think? Well for almost two decades Dame Grease has created his own standard, his own rhythm and of course his own path. The man behind heavyweights like The Lox, DMX, Ruff Ryders, Max B and many more has just released his own music in a video titled, “Amerika” from upcoming album Martial Law. He is humble, cool, from the streets, articulate, intelligent and committed to this thing called music.

I dialed him up to discuss this latest release as well as talk about his longevity in this music industry. And yes, I know it’s short but it’s sweet.
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