Ego Jaleel – “View”

Southside Chicago native always aims to put on for his city. Ego Jaleel debuts his re-emergence back into the Chicago music scene with a new video and single entitled “View”. “Moving on up like the Jeffersons, Ego Jaleel celebrates his rise to the top of and living out his dream.

Ego Jaleel raps about the hustle, his come up and “buying the view.” A real-life visual of him moving back to the city, View is perfect for the fall time grind. This is definitely one the fans will be able to relate to, inspiring them on their own come up.

Ego Jaleel has been grinding in the industry for the last few years releasing music and working on sets of major TV shows including Grownish, All American, Shameless, and more. He recently came back to Chicago and literally filmed the video while moving for the sake of the view and it made perfect sense. While Ego Jaleel has made major career strides, it hasn’t stopped his passion for music.