Styles P featuring Dyce Payne – Smoke All Day Video

Off the new Styles P Phantom and the Ghost is the single “Smoke All Day” featuring BK’s Dyce Payne who I caught up with recently to talk about the project.  (G Films & DPTV Films)

How did this collab come about? 

“Basically, Styles was working on his album and we were all in the studio and I brought an idea to him. I just thought it would be dope and he loved it so we just worked from there.”

Who did the production?

Dayzel produced and engineered it. He is known as “The Machine”.

With Brooklyn under major development what’s the difference between the old BK and today’s BK? 

Um, mainly the generation. The dynamics have changed but the spirit is the same, nothing has changed about the spirit of BK.

What’s next for Dyce Payne?

Some solo projects, shows, more features and some dope visuals.

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