Interview : M R$ch


Mikhol Richardson, better known as M R$CH, is a hip hop recording artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Born November 30, 1991 he’s 23 years of age & his career began in 2013. So far he’s hit the ground running with two mixtapes already. First being “Grind Now, $hine Later” & now secondly “KILLSWITCH”. Both of which are on all mixtape outlets.

Where are you from?
I’m from saint Paul , Minnesota. Although as a youngster I was raised in Inglewood California. So a little of both 651 to LaX.

What made you pursue a career in music?

Seen way to many people making money doing it for me not to. So not im all in with it. DollasignNow!

Give us your top 3 all-time favorite artists? Who would be your Dream producer collab?
1. Outkast
3. Curren$y

As for producer, Zaytoven. Been feeling that trap sound since high school. Shoutout to Gucci for that!

Dope. Now what about artist Dream collab?

Ludacris hands down. His cd was one of the first ones I ever had . Remember listening to it on the school bus & shit. Can’t remember how i even got it. Ever since then I been a huge fan.

Favorite movie ?

I think I’d have to say “Money Talks”. I like pretty much any movie with Chris tucker. This is my favorite though, hands down.

Favorite Pair of Jays?

Think I’d have to pick the 13s. Mainly because that’s my favorite number & because I like the little green bubble on the side . That’s dope to me!

What are your Studio essentials?

Little lot of bit of tree haha. Then maybe a small portion of henny . Other than that nothing but the beats. Its all about vibes at that point

Why should ppl listen to KILLSWITCH?

People should listen to KILLSWITCH because it’s some of the dopiest shit you’ll hear for one. Not only that but it represents where I’m from & where I’m trying to go in the near future!



How can the people contact & reach out to you?

Follow me on Twitter @M_RIICH & Instagram: @MRIICH

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