Lil Reese & Kevin Gates – “They Don’t F*ck With You”

Chicago artist links up with Kevin Gates to drop their collab record entitled “They Don’t F*ck With You”.

FBG Duck – “Like That”

Recent slain Chicago artist FBG Duck estate releases his new single entitled “Like That”. “Like That” can be stream on all streaming services.

Kris Wit a K F/ Menaco Beats – “Jetson”

Brand new single from Kris Wit a K entitled “Jetson” featuring Menaco Beats. Be on the lookout for more music, videos and project from Kris Wit a K in the near future. 

ChaseTheMoney & Valee – “Bling Bling”

Chicago artist Valee releases his new single entitled “Bing Bling” produced by his longtime collaborator ChaseTheMoney.

ZlittyZ – “Remedy”

Trendsetta records new artist that recently just got signed “ZlittyZ” has been making some consistent noise out of Las Vegas, Nv releasing a various of new single’s, such as “If Only You Knew” now the one we recently just picked up “Remedy” her new single remedy is a affectionate’d sound that is very smooth. Take a listen now for yourself! 

DaKoldest – “Soul”

DaKoldest drops off his new single entitled “Soul”, it seems like DaKoldest is gearing up to make major moves. So be on the look out for a dope music visual for this hot new single.

3YRD – “Yodel”

Who is 3YRD?If you asked who 3YRD is and what kind of music they create, you may get some different answers. Although the majority of their songs stay within the hip hop realm, Louvis, Tone, and Bmo each bring their own unique voices to the table as they try to stretch the boundaries of genres by using uncommon, cultural instruments to help bring their projects into a new-age life. Each project gives different feelings or emotions as they try to reflect the randomness of day to day life. 3YRD is a group of dedicated best friends that are fully committed to evolving, growing, and nurturing their music to help provide their fans something they can either sing, jump, dance, or even mosh to.

Louvis: Daniel Perry (Louvis) was born and raised in a small town in Northern California called Susanville. Growing up he loved music more than anything, while also living two lives being a sports superstar. Daniel was drafted out of High School from the 2015 MLB draft in the 13th Round by the Toronto Blue Jays. After deciding to go to college instead of signing to the pros, Daniels love for music blossomed into something great. He then met “Tone” in his first year of college who then inspired him to take music more seriously. After years of producing while playing college baseball, music took over Daniels passion for anything else. Meeting Brenden (Monte’) was the tipping point for his love of music as they both came together to form something nobody has ever seen or heard.  With that tipping point, 3YRD was created. 

Tone: Antonio Woodard was Born in New Smyrna Beach, FL, and later moved and grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Tone grew up around music as the majority of his mother’s side of the family are singers or musicians of some sort. He was shy growing up and took him years to be able to sing in front of others. He began to realize how gifted he indeed was once he began singing in choirs and a cappella groups throughout middle school, high school, and college. Music is one of the very few things that he holds near and dear to his heart. It brings him much joy to be blessed with a gift that allows him to move people with his voice through music. It is what he wants to do for the rest of his life. Tone met his best friend, Daniel Perry (Louvis), in college, where they jammed out every chance they could get not knowing the greatness they would create in the near future. Daniel brought light into Tone’s life at the time. Eventually, he was introduced to the one, and only Brenden Montoya (Bmo) and things only went up from there. Tone is so grateful for the two of them because they push him to be the best artist he can be and inspire him to go beyond his limits and comfort zones.

Bmo: Bmo is from a small town in Northern California called Loomis. His love for music started at a young age. He began writing songs when he was 8 years old and has been  perfecting his craft ever since. He is currently a college student and will be receiving a degree in business. He intends to apply this knowledge to his career in music. Meeting Lou was the turning point in his musical endeavors. Bmo claims that his sound wouldn’t be what it is today without  the production quality Louvis brings to the table. He met Tones in Los Angeles, California during a studio session and the three “simply clicked”. He said that the addition of Tones added the vocal range the group needed to obtain its diverse sound.

T.Savvy – “Just A Mistake”

Los Angeles, California artist T.Savvy is back with his new single entitled “Just A Mistake”, this is the follow up single to “Spent My Time”. Be on the look out for a dope music visual for this hot record.

StaJe – “Keisha”

With the recent release of artists “StaJe” chart topping Billboard single “Keisha” produced by Tailor Made Productions. We decided to dive deeper into his background. STAJE is a recording artist and multifaceted entertainer. Born in Columbia, South Carolina on Jan 12, 1990. STAJE is the son of Angel Payne and Benjamin Wright III. His mother is African-Native American and his father is African American. STAJE spent a lot of his childhood playing sports and singing in the church choir. He gained appreciation for music that would untimely influence his sound today. From being a standout athlete in football back in 2008 to asserting himself into the entertainment industry from small roles on TV shows such as The Originals and Buzzfeed, J. Payne is certainly finding his way up the scales of the music industry. The rising star brings together a unique style into the music industry. STAJE brings a unique style of singing and subtle rapping into a new age genre of music. His ability to articulate is among the elite.

5 Star Kay – “Love Is A War”

Bay Area artist 5StarKay drops off his first single “Love Is A War”, to be featured on his upcoming EP coming soon. This young indie artist has been seen recently cooking up with Einer Banks and more! So be on the look out for more to come from 5StarKay.