Swagg Dinero – “Murder Park”

Eleven Empire Inc presents Chicago artist Swagg Dinero new single entitled “Murder Park”. Go stream his project “Money Mitch” on all streaming services.

Mac & A.K. F/ King Cydal & Money$Mont aka Mr. Fetti – “Don’t Play with Me”

Mac & A.K. single delivers “Don’t Play with Me” ft. King Cydal and Money $ Mont aka Mr. Fetti

Mac & A.K. is a group consisting of fraternal twin brothers Eric “Mac Pacino” Gordon and Keith “A.K.” Gordon, hailing from East Palo Alto California in the San Francisco Bay Area. The two honed their craft under the backdrop of living in East Palo Alto, which in 1992 was the murder capital of the United States. Eric “Mac Pacino” first started in a group called Black Jack, which released their acclaimed album “Streets 2 Da Grave” on Ichiban records. Mac Pacino decided to leave the group and formed Mac & A.K. with his brother. The group would go on to sign with Tommy Boy Records based in New York, which at the time was a powerhouse in the hip hop scene with acts like Coolio, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, and House of Pain.

While on Tommy Boy Records, Mac & A.K. released their first EP “Westbound: For Riders” only on their imprint – Streetlife Records. The 7 song EP was well-received and they also received a gold plaque for their song “Way 2 Saucy” featuring Mac Mall, also from the Bay Area. Unfortunately, things did not work out at Tommy Boy and the group asked to be let out of their contract. The group formed E&K Music Group and released Money Rhymes as their first release. Money Rhymes featured heavyweights like E-40, Mac Mall, Above The Law, and local legends like Chunk and Neva Legal. The second release was Hustle Music, which features The Game, Young Noble from the Outlaws, Chunk, Sean T, and other Bay Area Legends. The latest album was Legendary, which was also received with high regard. Unfortunately, Mac died in 2013, and A.K. is fully running the record label and releasing projects with E & K Music Group.

Mac & A.K.’s first release of the year was “Gasoline”, which was well-received. The newest single is “Don’t Play With ME” FT King Cydal and Money $ Mont AKA Mr. Fetti, which is making a lot of noise at the moment. Both singles will appear on the up-and-coming album “Only The Strong Survive.” Only The Strong Survive will feature notable artists like Planet Asia, King Cydal, JT The Bigga Figga, M-Dash, Da Hoodstarz, and many more. Be sure to connect on their website, social media, and digital music platforms.

Swagg Dinero – “Whap Whap” Remix

Chicago artist Swagg Dinero releases his remix to Skillibeng rising single entitled “Whap Whap”.

FBG Cash – “Motion”

A Keso Production presents Chicago artist FBG Cash record entitled “Motion”. A Keso Production decided to drop this record in honor of his falling friend FBG Cash.


Chicago artist Timo release his new single entitled “TWANG TWANG”. Timo been dropping back to back, it seems ike Timo been in the lab cooking up.

King Yella – “Thugs Cry”

Chicago native and Las Vegas based artist King Yella releases his new record entitled “Thugs Cry”, after going viral for crying on IG live after his close friend was killed. So King Yella made this heart felt record.

Timo – “Miss All My Niggas”

Chicago artist Timo releases his new record entitled “Miss All My Niggas”, dedicated to all his fallen friends and family.

Timo – “30”

Chicago artist Timo releases his new record entitled “30”, it seems like Timo is back in his bag.

SG Batman – “Club House” (Nomo Diss Songs)

Chicago artist SG Batman releases his new record entitled “Club House” (Nomo Diss Songs), taking aim at a few artist from Chicago in this record.

Flow4Thought – “Toxic”

Flow4Thought born as Dezmonde Thomas developed his stage name and presence within the music scene. As the New Jersey native stepped into his new shoes as an artist, he embodied his new alias, Flow4thought. He describes the meaning behind the name “F.L.O.W.” is an acronym that stands for, ‘For Love of Writing’. 

“I added 4 thought because I love to allow my listeners to apply their interpretation to my poems and verses.” 

Following the introductory phase of his music career, Flow4thought initially used ‘MySpace’ to engage with listeners and release music. In 2017, the talented rapper unveiled an EP titled ‘Soul Food & Eye Candy’ on all DSPs which captured the attention of new supporters. The release of the new project was an eyeopener for Flow4thought as it revealed the business aspect of music. He expressed, “I realized recording music was the easy part. The business aspect of what goes into making a hit record is ten times more tedious than recording it.” 

With his keen ear and ability to adapt to change within the industry, Flow4Thought has maintained imperative relationships and the attention of his fans. He understands the importance of networking and investing in himself and plans to continue to climb the ladder within the entertainment industry. Flow4Thought has been working diligently to create timeless music for the world to hear. The 2022 year will undoubtedly be a big year for the young artist as he prepares to unleash consistent content and bless many stages. 

While in the studio, Flow4thought focuses on the messages within his songs. Although he understands the importance of a catchy hook and dynamic wordplay, he remains authentic, setting him apart from other artists. He stated, “Music can shape the environment it’s being listened to in. That’s why I find it so important to focus on the messages within my craft.” When asked what advice he has for other independent artists, Flow4thought expressed, “From personal experience, I have learned that patience is a virtue. As much as you want things to happen overnight, it’s almost always never the case. A slow grind is better than no grind in the sense of bringing your passion and career to life.”