FBG Young, FBG Cash & FBG Dutchie – “We From 63rd” (Album)

Chicago artists and FBG members FBG Young, FBG Dutchie and the late great FBG Cash releases their collab project entitled “We From 63rd” letting the World know exactly where they from. The fourteen track album includes records such as “Woodlawn”, “If I Was Tim” and “3 am in LA”.


Shoebox Baby – “The Kid That Came Outta Nowhere”

Chicago artist and O Block member Shoebox Baby releases his new album entitled “The Kid That Came Outta Nowhere”. The sixteen track includes his singles entitled “Chi-York” featuring New York artist B-Loveee and “Killers & Robbers” featuring another New York in Rowdy Rebel. The project also have features from Lil Zay Osama, DqFrmDaO, Scorey, PGF Nuk and Munna Ikee. Shoebox Baby is carrying the O Block team on his back along with a couple of others.

BigKayBeezy – “Cold Case” (Album)

Chicago artist BigKayBeezy releases his new album entitled “Cold Case”. “Cold Case” is a thirteen track album that includes records such as “Area 51” remix featuring Big Yavo, “If Pac Was From Chiraq” and “Southside”. The album also have features from PGF Nuk on “Blick Talk”, Lil Zay Osama on the single entitled “Glock 9” and Shoebox Baby on “Outta Nowhere”.

600Breezy – “Retaliation” (Album)

Chicago artist 600Breezy releases his new album entitled “Retaliation”. The album is thirteen recordsthat includes features from Money Man on his new single entitled “Tickets” and Toohda Band$ on “Trenches to a Manison”. 600Breezy always got an interlude on with his friend and late great Chicago legend EDAI. The project features records like “11 Gunz”, “57th Or 63rd” and “Shake That”.

Ballout – “Ball Like No Tomorrow” (Album)

Chicago native, Los Angeles based artist and Glo Gang member Ballout releases his new album entitled “Ball Like No Tomorrow”. “Ball Like No Tomorrow” is a fifteen track album that includes only one feature from Tadoe on the record entitled “Shopping Spree”. It also features records such as “Felon”, “Maybach” and “Tote a Glock”.

Lil Zay Osama – “Trench Baby 3” (Album)

Chicago artist Lil Zay Osama releases his third installment in his “Trench Baby” album series. The eighteen track album includes his singles “Fuck My Cousin”, “glah glah”, “Fuck Yo Dead Homie Ass” and “Fuck My Cousin Pt. II” featuring fellow Chicago artist Lil Durk. Lil Zay Osama also collab with Fredo Bang, G Herbo, PGF Nuk and Icewear Vezzo.

Fat Money – “Money Got Wings” (Album)

Chicago artist Fat Money links up with producer Cardo Got Wings to release “Money Got Wings”. “Money Got Wings” is a ten track album that includes the singles “400 Degrees”, “Aww Man” and “Bag From Hell”. The only feature comes from Chicago legend Bump J on the record entitled “Old White Men”.

Boss Top – “At Yo Neck 2” (Album)

Chicago and Get Back Gang artist Boss Top, OBlock member, releases his second installment in his album series “At Yo Neck”, the first version was releases back in 2014. “At Yo Neck 2” is a fourteen track album that is led by his singles entitled “Reppin” featuring Fredo Bang, “Grave Digger” and “Shameless” featuring King Von. It also includes features from Doodie Lo, Lil Harold, Munna Duke and Lil GotIt.

PGF Nuk – “Switch Music” (Album)

Chicago artist PGF Nuk releases his first project entitled “Switch Music”. “Switch Music” is a sixteen track project that includes his smash hit single entitled “Waddup” featuring fellow Chicago artist Polo G plus the remix to it with another Chicago artist G Herbo. The project also have features from EST Gee, Big30, PGF Glizzy, PGF Mooda, PGF Jman and PGF Tavo.

Lil Durk – “7220” (Deluxe Album)

When Lil Durk dropped the first iteration of 7220 in March 2022, the album played as a victory lap of sorts. Over the course of some 10 years, Durk had gone from a promising young talent within Chicago’s drill music scene to one of contemporary hip-hop’s most beloved MCs, someone who’d miraculously grown his fanbase with every mixtape, album, and even guest verse. 7220 was the most anticipated release of his career, and he rewarded fans new and old with some of his most personal raps to date.

“7220, that’s where I went through it,” Durk says on the album’s “Headtaps.” “Like my first life experience, know what I mean?” 7220 is named for the address of his beloved grandmother’s home. Within it, Durk talks about the time he wished he could watch cartoons with his children when he was locked up and how news of a cousin’s passing once sent him into a state of disbelief. He mentions the real-life home invasion he suffered on “Shootout @ My Crib” and lives out a revenge fantasy for friend and collaborator King Von on “AHHH HA.” With the deluxe version, though, Durk’s moved away from the highly specific stories of the original and into another zone with which he’s intimately familiar: lifestyle music.

7220 (Deluxe) boasts 13 new tracks, and within them are even more insights into how Durk is living. And just like the rest of us, his life is full of contradictions. He’ll confess that being rich and famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on “So What,” but he’s hyper-aware of the differences between himself and his haters on “Huuuh.” He hangs around bad hombres on “Burglars & Murderers,” but he’s broken up about the holes street violence has left in his life on “Hearing Sirens.” He’s brutally honest about what lovers can and cannot expect from him on “IYKYK,” but his heart bleeds for young women in the struggle on “Selling Lashes.” It wouldn’t have taken this latest edition of 7220 for most fans to know that Lil Durk contains multitudes, but with it he’s done something not even diehards could have foreseen. He’s revealed even more about the most famous person to have called Chicago’s 7220 S. Halsted home. – Apple Music