2 Chainz x The Breakfast Club


2 Chainz stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his and Lil Wayne’s collaborative “ColleGrove” album.

He talked about merchandising, giving back to those in need, Bankroll Fresh’s death, getting shot at in San Francisco, his kids, friendship with Lil Wayne, unheard collaborations with Kanye West, having a 3some in the 7th grade, C-Murder dissing him and more.

Yo Gotti & Blac Youngsta w/ The Breakfast Club


Yo Gotti stopped by The Breakfast Club with his Collective Music Group artist Blac Youngsta.

Blac addresses the Wells Fargo incident in Atlanta when they said he wasn’t a customer and the wad of cash he had wasn’t his. He brings out a money counter to prove his point.

Gotti discusses his Angela Simmons crush, the success of “Down in the DM,” getting Nicki Minaj on the remix, relationship with Cash Money Records, rocking with Shy Glizzy, the D.C. rapper getting his chain snatched in Memphis and Blac getting it back, his “Born Hustler” documentary, owning a restaurant, Birdman and Slim putting him up on game, relationship with L.A. Reid and more. 

Rich The Kid Interview w/ The Breakfast Club (Video)


QC/300 Ent. artist Rich The Kid stops by The Breakfast Club and speaks on everything from the origin of the dap, moving from NY to Atlanta as a teen, his music, his girl bleaching his clothes and much more. Peep below!

Stack Or Starve Exclusive: Q& A w/ P.Plus



Q: So…the new mixtape “This Is Not A Drill” is out.. & it’s dope! You got some serious joints on there. This mixtape was a 2 year process, correct? why so long?

A: Thanks alot. The mixtape took was a year long project that took form on its own. After dropping the first song and video “Boy Bye” other artists, producers, and videographers began to reach out and wanted to work together. From that point, the streets and the Internet wanted more. That’s when “This Is Not A Drill” began to take shape and now it’s a great project that I’m very proud of.

Q: You gonna be doing any tours, shows to promote the project?

A: That’s for sure. I will be popping up on many upcoming tours with different artist yet to be announced. In the meantime, I will continue to promoting on various FM and Internet radio platforms.



Q: Collabin’ with Chicago artists like Katie Got Bandz, Billionaire Black & Top Shotta to name a few is a good unified look,  how did that go down? Any funny stories that stick out working with either of them (studio time, etc..)?

A: I don’t allow myself as a person or artist to be labeled or confined to any one particular group or crew. I’m my own movement, so that gives me more free range than others to work with different artist and groups of people that may not normally be associated on the same songs or projects. It’s all kind of a funny story because I never really started out with the intent to release a project but as I released songs and videos with a different vibe than the current drill music scene in Chicago , the “This Is Not A Drill” movement began to take on a life of its own. It’s more amazing than funny to watch a thought turn into reality, I guess.

Q: You’ve been building your buzz for a few years now out in the chi.. How has the process been so far developing and building outside of the Chi?

A: I can honestly say, I feel I’ve reached a point where I received notable recognition in Chicago and it’s been a humbling yet rewarding experience. As far as outside of the Chi, the process has been exciting and quite interesting at the same time. People from other cities and other countries have been very receptive of my music. I often get invites to visit or call into radio stations locally and nationally. There is even a collaboration with an artist from the United Kingdom named Jasmine Knight  “WHY (remix)” that has been well received by London radio and and European music sites. It’s all a work in process and I look forward to everything that’s to come in the future.  IT’S PLUS!

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Ty Money & MarVo Talk w/ Windy City Underground (Video)

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.32.48 PM

Chicago/Harvey rappers TY Money and Marvo stopped by Windy City Underground and talk about everything from the upcoming release of Cinco De Money 2 to #VeganMafia, working with Bump J, Young Money and much more..

#StackOrStarve [Featured Artist & Interview]: Greggo (@OfficialGreggo)

Greggo 21

GREGGO (@OfficialGreggo)

  1. How long have you been doing what you’re doing and how did you get started in the first place? I been writing music all my life but started seriously focusing on building a career out of it since 2010. I started off my homies MacBook just recording songs off GarageBand. It lead to an engineer in Los Angeles that heard a demo of mine. He took me in and began helping me put out a mixtape and EP.

2.Describe the vibe and feel for your last project ? My last project was based off criticism and judgement. I named it “Opinions don’t matter” because I wanted to take my own direction in the music field and just be me. 

3. Who are the first influences on your music and style?  J Cole and Kendrick Lamar are two of my main influences as far as conscious rap but they aren’t the reason for my direction and they don’t reflect me or my style in music.

  1. In your opinion who is the most influential and successful artist in your genre today and why? Its between Kendrick and J Cole. J Coles album “Forest Hill Drive” was the first Hiphop Album to go platinum in so many years, Kendrick released “To Pimp a Butterfly” and gained album of the year shortly after.
  2. Which famous song or sound production, ultimately describes what you’d like Greggo’s music productions to sound like? I really can’t answer that question because as an artist I’m open to different sounds. I don’t like putting myself in a box. I don’t have a specific sound.

    6. Do you think your music will be mostly enjoyed more for the beats or for the lyrical flow and content? I know for a fact it will be enjoyed for the lyricism, I talk to the people through what I say in my music. Don’t get me wrong, the beats I spit on go crazy too.

  1. What do you listen for when u pick the production for your overall sound? I listen for 808’s, the bass always always gets me hype! 

Greggo 2

  1. If you could choose to work with some of today’s established artists or producers, to move your game to the top, with whom would you like to collaborate? As far as producers it would be Kanye off back! Artist wise it would be J Cole, what he stands for and who he is as an artist pushes me to be a better me. 

    9.Which emotion more than any other, currently dominates your music? Joy, sadness, anger or passion etc. , and why? I focus on using every possible emotion I can. I feel like that gives my audience more to relate to. 

    10.What aspect of the music making process excites you most, and what aspect discourages you the most? The creative process of hearing a beat and finding the perfect words for it excites me the most! Especially when I’m finished writing the song! Nothing discourages me because I know I was meant to do this. 

    11.How involved are you in the recording, producing, mastering, marketing, and other processes needed to make and sell your music, and do you outsource any part of these processes? I am in involved in every aspect of music. I record myself from time to time, I don’t necessarily produce or mix and master but I watch closely and I’m learning to. I’ve always marketed myself, no one can ever sell you better then you! 

    12. Do you think the advent of internet and all the new technology has helped your music and independent musicians in general, or do you think it just creates a mass of mediocre “copycats” who flood the web, making it difficult to distinguish yourself? I think the Internet has its pros and cons. I feel like it has taken away the authenticity and passion when it comes to Hiphop. As far as difficulty in distinguishing myself, no, there isn’t anyone like me.

    13. Being an independent artist, which is the one factor, above all else, that you currently desire most (increased music distribution, better quality production, more media exposure, more club and live performances etc…)? Live performances

14.Which latest songs, videos or mixtapes releases are currently available to your fans and where can they be heard or downloaded? Whats next for Greggo? My latest single “No where” ft. Sennia is on www.soundcloud.com/official_greggoalong with my album “Opinions Don’t Matta” that’s on Datpiff.com I have a few high end music videos on www.youtube.com/5milliontv

2016 is what’s next for me, just straight work and straight passion

  1. Last but not least, how do the people stay in contact with Greggo? You can stay in contact with me simply by visiting www.greggo5million.comall my social media links are provided on my website

King Louie Interview w/ Brown & Scoop (CBS Radio)


Check out King Louie’s interview with CBS’s Brown & Scoop where he discusses his tragic shooting situation, CHIRAQ, Chicago Unity , his recovery & his plan to uplift on a positive note.

Master P x The Breakfast Club (Interview)


Master P stopped by The Breakfast Club to give an update on the forthcoming No Limit biopic, syrup epidemics, educating himself, his son Romeo, cutting off ungrateful friends, resolving his conflict with Pimp C before he passed, starting by selling records out of his trunk, chopping it up with Floyd Mayweather Jr., getting divorced after 24 years of marriage, Bill Cosby’s problems, Oprah Winfrey becoming more accepting of hip hop, offers financial advice and more.

SOS Interviews Alkebulan new project “Coup D’ètat”

In a world where mixtapes and albums drop every minute on your favorite music website most artists do not take the time to put together a quality project. What made you take your time in the making of Coup D’ètat?

I believe in quality music. The industry is cluttered with so much half-ass work, so why add to it? I believe people want to hear more of what’s outside the norm. I’m adding some balance.
What was your main inspiration behind this project?
My message is that with unity, leadership, and movement as one, we can solve more of these problems going on in our country today. Haitians revolted against the French and succeeded. It’s possible for us to do the same in our own way. And metaphorically, this project represents overthrowing the normalities and mundane nature of today’s music industry.

alkebu pic

Your music could easily be labeled revolutionary and or conscience which isn’t as common label in your generation. When you are in the creative process do you think about standing out? or fitting in?
I think about what will inspire people. Will this make people think or research. Naturally, as an artist, I create from my soul and that is different from everyone else’s.

How did you link with Childish Major?
Markus (Childish Major) is my nigga! I’ve been knowing him for about 4 years now and working with him is amazing. We’re productive together. He’s very talented at what he does, and when we link, the music we create is timeless. The ‘Pledge Allegiance’ and ‘Solar Phases’ tracks were both made in 2013. Also, lookout for his upcoming project. he’s an amazing artist as well.

We know you also worked with your younger brother Adafa who produces majority of this project. Is music a family thing?
Actually, he only produced the title track Coup D’ètat but yes it is. Our mother (rest her soul), DeeDee Cocheta, was an established Publicist in the entertainment industry in Atlanta. Our father was an artist in his day and went to manage and sign artist of his own. It’s deeply rooted within us whether it be creating it or managing it.

You definitely introduce our ears to some very talented ladies, how did you come about featuring the vocalist on this album?
These gifted women I met in different ways, but all blew me away when I heard their work. Seiko, the most recent I met, was called by a friend of friend to come to the studio and when I heard her voice I instantly wanted her to be involved in what I was creating.

What do you want people to take from this album?
Take away the stories I’m telling, my truths and beliefs, and share their opinions with myself and others.

An album cover is another creative aspect of an album, who did your artwork?

A friend of mine named Jarrett introduced to his work. Evan Luza works over at Adult Swim. He’s really tight. I emailed him my vision and he executed. Hit him on IG: @elu3lu

akedu cover

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Pusha T – Shade 45 interview w/ Dj Enuff


#HeavyHittersOnSXM: DJ Enuff w/ Pusha T

Exclusive Shade 45 interview with Pusha T from DJ Enuff’s Heavy Hitters on SXM!

“Darkest Before Dawn” Out Now!