New York very own Boaz BagBag is Continuing to Bring Hope to Where It’s Needed

New York City based Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Boaz BagBag has established another new business. He’s been able to create funding for the business with the help of some investors from Wall Street. So far Boaz has been able to obtain a good amount of start-up funding for his latest business endeavor. Always a smart businessman, Boaz has clearly put together a solidbusiness plan for the company. And more importantly, others can also see his vision and are willing to support it. The first round of funding being issued out for the company will be in the amount of $50 million. This round of funding will only be used for the car rentals, the deliveries, and the fleet operations. As you can imagine, these are very crucial areas to the success of the company. Which of course means they will also require consistent and steady funding.
This new company endeavor will help bring in a substantial amount of high value jobs throughout the East Coast and Down South as well. Boaz is opening up the business’s first locations in the New York, Washington DC, Miami, and Atlanta areas. And of course they will be opening up other locations in different areas and states as they continue to expand. The company will offer a variety of programs allowing for numerous people to be able to get a job. But most of their programs will be catering to the minority communities in the areas where they open up locations. By creating these steady jobs, Boaz is looking to provide new opportunities and better features to minority communities such as the Spanish and Black communities. The company is also working with Non Profit Organizations and other agencies to help better the communities they’re in and the surrounding areas.

Lil Mouse’s No Jumper Interview

Chicago artist Lil Mouse went to sit down with Adam22 and No Jumper in California for a classic interview. Lil Mouse speaks on life before his big hit “Get Smoked?”, playing baseball, father getting locked up at an early age, call his self King of Drill, alleged Lil Durk beef, getting shot and much more.

A Conversation with Tampa, Florida’s Yung Dred (@YUNGDRED813) with @TracyMitchellVA

Tampa, Florida rap star Yung Dred has been making some serious waves these past few years. Things are truly up and stuck right now as he is currently promoting his hot new single “Everything’s Up” featuring Hotboii which is now at 2 million views on YouTube. The track is a music lovers favorite right now and it is taking over radio waves across the country. In the new interview he talks about how his hometown shaped his music, how the song came together, working with Lil Baby and more! Watch the new interview and don’t forget to stream “Everything’s Up.”

Interview: C.A. Brown

Your new project “King’s Testimony” is gaining a mean buzz not just based on your historical grind and roll out for this project, but the music in general. How does it feel and what’s the overall reaction?

The feedback that i have been receiving from the project has been dope to say the least! The album is being regarded as a classic and i have been compared to the greats which is surreal to me im still taking it all in!

Tell us about the name change from “Trigga Trend” and the growth into who “C.A. Brown” is becoming?

Trigga Trend is a former version of myself where my content was focused on the streets. C.A Brown is who i am today! I chose to go with C.A. Brown because my content is more personal now as it show all aspects of my life so i chose to go with my real name instead of hiding behind a character!

The music videos have also stepped up, tell us about your process with creating your visuals and how precise you are about quality control etc.

 I am very particular about my visuals these days. I try to make sure the treatment matches the energy of the song. It is important to me for the visual to bring the song to life!

What would you say the music game is lacking?

Right now the music game lacks substance and emotion. This is the void i plan to fill.

Tell us who you worked with on your latest project producer and feature wise and what were your own favorites?

I worked with 2 producers on this project, DJ pain 1 and ILL Brown. As far as features i worked with Beadz, K love the poet, Ike the writa, Tony Rush, Alonda Rich, Tina G, and Brian Hill. My personal favorite collaboration was probably Colorful Vibrations prod by ILL Brown feat K love the poet and Brian Hill.

How do you feel social media has impacted the business?

As an independent artist i feel like social media is a great thing. When used properly we have the ability to connect with our audience and monetize our brands without needing a major label.

Thusfar, what has been the best advice you’ve been given?

The best advice i have been given is to remain consistent with content. As an independent artist it is important to keep the attention of your audience!

What is one message you would give to your supporters?

To my supporters i want you to know that this is only the beginning for me. I plan to bring quality content and meaningful music every time i release.

What’s next for C.A. Brown in 2021?

Be on the lookout for more visuals as i plan to release one for every song on the project. Also you can look forward to the deluxe album sometime in the near future!

Buy The Block Podcast – Dough From Da Go (Interview)

BTB Pod host Noel and Dough From Da Go talk about upcoming artist do’s and dont’s, current Chicago climate and so much more!! Tune in!

King Louie – What’s The Word TV Interview (PT.1)

King Louie on earning his spot in Chicago music, ”Goofies are cool now”

King Louie – What’s The Word TV Interview (Pt.2)

King Louie speaks on not releasing music + getting shot

King Louie – What’s The Word TV Interview (Pt.3)

King Louie On Bump J, lil Les & What that mouth do song

Chance The Rapper x The Breakfast Club (Interview)

Fresh off the release of his first album ‘The Big Day”, Chance The Rapper drops by to talk his marriage influenced his latest project. Plus, the Chicago rapper talks the mental health app he created that can be used in the state. Check it out!

Jeezy x The Breakfast Club Interview

During Jeezy’s run to promote his new album “TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman” , Sno stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss the album, its legacy, leaving Def Jam and his new business ventures. Check out the interview and also stream the new album from Mr.17/5!