Big Tray Deee f/ DW Flame and Mike Epps – Gangsta (Video)

West Coast OG and Hip Hop veteran, Big Tray Deee, has seen the mountain top as part of Tha Eastsidaz and has also seen it all go due to prison time.
Thankfully, real gangsta’s can pick it back up at anytime and make it pop.
Big Tray Deee has released a new video featuring his newest signee, DW Flame, with an appearance by Mike Epps.
“Gangsta” is the lead single from The General’s List II and sets the tone for what is to be another west coast gem which is available everywhere now!

Beads Z. Wider Presents: The Mass Effect Vol. 2 (Compilation) | @Beads_Z_Wider

Massachusetts is one of the smallest states on the map but home to one of the biggest crops of new and veteran MC’s and Singers that can hold their own against any region in the Country.

Writer and Publicist, Beads Z. Wider, has once again decided to showcase some of his Home States biggest and brightest talents with “The Mass Effect Vol. 2”.

“I always work with the intention of opening new doors and platforms for the artists in my Home State especially the ones that have been grinding it out for years.”

The 23 track compilation is now up for free stream exclusively on Spinrilla and features some fairly recognizable names that are beginning to buzz nationally.

Enjoy “The Mass Effect Vol. 2” below!!

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Meth Lab Presents: Eviction (Video) | @MethodMan @DaveEast @HanzOnMusic @GorillaJoeYoung @MaxBiggavelli @DameGrease @PumaTPG @MethLabStudios


Sometimes the Hip Hop Gods answer our complaints in the most wonderful of ways. Just as we hit a point where a lot of BS is being passed off Hip Hop; we get “Eviction”.
Legendary Harlem producer, Dame Grease, supplies the smooth backdrop as Dave East, Method Man, Hanz On, Joe Young and Max B bring us one of the best joints and visuals of the year. The video is directed by Joe Puma to top it all off!
If you’re on your hustle and constantly moving like you just got Evicted, this one is for you.

Big Moeses x 50 Cent – SKWIL (Prod. by Dame Grease) | @DameGrease @50Cent


Big Moeses has been one of the most consistent and hard working emcees on the underground scene for years and every once and a while he turns things up a few notches and does this to us.
Moeses and long time collaborator, Dame Grease, have pulled out all the stops on “Skwil”. None other than 50 Cent has jumped on the hook for the single and puts it into another category.
Moeses x Grease x 50….Geesh!!
Enjoy “SKWIL” below!!

Bakery says “Untitled 1.5” is fresh out the oven (iTunes Release) | @Mass_Bake

For Immediate Release—–

Brockton, Mass is a city about 20 minutes South of Boston. It’s birthplace of Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler, home to one of the largest and most successful inner city High School’s and has a Hip Hop scene that is filled with artists that have been grinding for years and have realized the importance of having the business side proper.

Bakery, once know as J-Fitted, is one of the few artists who sound completely different from the beginning of his catalog to now, in all the right ways. He began as a rapper and now is evolving into a much more refined songwriter with metaphors and similes that keep “Bar Heads” interested.

“Untitled 1.5” began as “Untitled”, a collection of records and freestyles to keep fans at bay while he worked on his follow up to 2015’s, Lost In The Matrix, but after its initial street release in January, as a DJ Promo version only, Bakery decided to gather the feedback from the DJs and behind the scenes people and revamp the project to perfection.

Do not let the fact that its 4/20 and its a #TeamBake release trick you into thinking this is a project about weed. Being A King Everyday is the real reason its #TeamBake, and Bakery gives us many looks into his Gemini mind.

You can purchase the project on iTunes on 4/20!

Enjoy one of the singles from “Untitled 1.5” below!

Interview : M R$ch


Mikhol Richardson, better known as M R$CH, is a hip hop recording artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Born November 30, 1991 he’s 23 years of age & his career began in 2013. So far he’s hit the ground running with two mixtapes already. First being “Grind Now, $hine Later” & now secondly “KILLSWITCH”. Both of which are on all mixtape outlets.

Where are you from?
I’m from saint Paul , Minnesota. Although as a youngster I was raised in Inglewood California. So a little of both 651 to LaX.

What made you pursue a career in music?

Seen way to many people making money doing it for me not to. So not im all in with it. DollasignNow!

Give us your top 3 all-time favorite artists? Who would be your Dream producer collab?
1. Outkast
3. Curren$y

As for producer, Zaytoven. Been feeling that trap sound since high school. Shoutout to Gucci for that!

Dope. Now what about artist Dream collab?

Ludacris hands down. His cd was one of the first ones I ever had . Remember listening to it on the school bus & shit. Can’t remember how i even got it. Ever since then I been a huge fan.

Favorite movie ?

I think I’d have to say “Money Talks”. I like pretty much any movie with Chris tucker. This is my favorite though, hands down.

Favorite Pair of Jays?

Think I’d have to pick the 13s. Mainly because that’s my favorite number & because I like the little green bubble on the side . That’s dope to me!

What are your Studio essentials?

Little lot of bit of tree haha. Then maybe a small portion of henny . Other than that nothing but the beats. Its all about vibes at that point

Why should ppl listen to KILLSWITCH?

People should listen to KILLSWITCH because it’s some of the dopiest shit you’ll hear for one. Not only that but it represents where I’m from & where I’m trying to go in the near future!



How can the people contact & reach out to you?

Follow me on Twitter @M_RIICH & Instagram: @MRIICH

Download M R$CH’s New project “Kill Switch” Hosted By Stack Or Starve

Leoski D Featuring Katie Got Bandz – No This B Didn’t

Check out the latest visual from Leoski D Featuring Katie Got Bandz “No This B Didn’t” shot by Dark Mirror Videos. Follow Leoski D on IG and Twitter: @leoskid1

Stunt Taylor – StuntN On Turbo

After the success of his buzzing single “FeFe On The Block” Chicago artist Stunt Taylor finally releases his latest solo project “StuntN On Turbo” hosted by DJ Milticket & DJ Amaris, check it out below on livemixtapes now!

Lil Durk – I Made It Video

Check out Lil Durk’s new video “I Made It

#TeamGo Interview with StackOrStarveDVD recently caught up with indy Chicago artists #TeamGo, if you ain’t in tune yet, read the interview and check out their music and video links below…




I hear you guys just released a new video titled “Squad” w/ Matti Baybee, another fellow chicago artist. That’s exciting. How did the collab originally come about? What was it like working with him?

Rizzo: Yeah we just released our new video Squad with Matti. Matti is one of the hottest young artists in the city right now. We met him at a show we did. He was a cool dude and a good performer, our managers made it happen.

Tell us about how the name #TeamGO Formed. Have you all known each other for some time? Were you childhood friends?

Rizzo: We all grew up together, known each other all our lives more or less. We was always getting into something, throwing parties, crashing parties, hanging out, getting into whatever we could, straight up energy on 10 until we’d crash. always on the go, the epitome of GO….that’s how the name formed #TeamGo

How long have you guys been together as a group?


Esbe: about 2 years now

What would you say sets you apart from other groups? How would you guys describe your style?

Nate 1: whats sets us apart? All we focus on is fun shit! Its alot of negatives that comes along with being young in chicago, and everybody know all about it, the whole world know it. but we focus on the FUN part in being young. Our style is anything thats gon make you move and with 4 ppl in the group thats gonna vary. but the shit gon be fun lol

What do all feel are your individual strengths within the group?

Esbe: Well Rizzo brings the originality to the group, he has a more abstract sound than everyone else and he usually comes up with most of the concepts for our tracks.

Rizzo: Yeah, i agree with that. and Esbe has a gritty street sound thats hot.
and Nate1got the sickest flow out here, i aint heard better yet and eddie Bars…

Eddie Bars: lol, the names speaks for itself


Now this is random, lol. I can imagine that the women are all over you guys these days, what kinds of girls do you guys like?

Rizzo: It really don’t matter. Anything goes but Ratchet for me, but im usually drawn to a darker brown type of girl…Esbe like Ratchet though! lol

Esbe: Dude what?! lol, nah, like he said ….it really don’t matter, just not ratchet….but i aint go lie though, ive been with some down Ratchet chicks lol.

Okay so lets get people familiar with some of your songs. You have a song called “DOPE,” and you have a song called “Mojo JoJo” What would you say to someone who might say you’re not sending a positive message to your audience? You’re sending a negative message. You’re talking about drugs, and oral sex. What would you say to them?

Rizzo: lol sex and drugs? I’d say their not being realistic if you dont think thats not what young people do universally. urban, college, white, black….this aint nothing new and its what young people do.shit, its what old people do too lol. naw but our music just focuses on fun times type stuff, none of the serious political stuff or the death shit, its plenty of other rappers for that.



Do you guys write your own music?


Rizzo: Of course


Where would you say your inspiration comes from?



Rizzo: Different places. Its never one particular artist or group. It may be one track i hear or an instrumental, a t.v commercial, an orchraestra, a speech, some underground unknown artists…anything really.

So when can we expect an full #TeamGo Project?


Eddie Bars: sometime in Spring 2015

What types of things can fans expect to hear on the record?

Esbe: They’ll have to wait and see but its definitely gonna be turnt exponentially!

Tell the people how they can get in contact with #TeamGO

Rizzo: You can hit us on all social media networks of course, instagram, facebook, twitter etc..: @teamgofisno
or email and for bookings and inquiries