Nicholas “Skinny” Walker was born on Atlanta’s Westside (Adamsville). His music embodies the soul of a people’s struggle. Due to the vivid pictures that his words evoke his music breaks down all barriers earning him the name “Hip Hops Picasso”. The New Single “Tommy Hilfiger” from the upcoming Album “The Memories Of...”gives audiences a glimpse of the Skinny of the past and how those adversities and life lessons created the man of today.

Tell us how the name Skinny came about.

Skinny came about cause it was hard growing up in Adamsville, and I was the voice of the mudbox. So I look at myself as the “Ghetto Picasso” who paint the picture of our plight. “A Skinny nigga might starve, but he always eat!”

If you were allowed to work with any producer dead or alive, who would that be?
Kanye West, I feel like his music fits my brand, and of course The Inkkwell’s
Jrell, cause he has been able to capture that feeling, and of course, Rick Rubin
for the grimy/over the top original Def Jam sound…

What was the inspiration/reason behind "Tommy Hilfiger"?

Tommy Hilfiger came off a 96 memory I had when everyone boycotted
“Tommy Hilfiger”. Therefore, I wanted to capture the essence of when
various ethnicities felt violated by this statement. However, I realize jones
Tommy Hilfiger may not feel that same way or the people, yet I wanted too
capture the essence of solidarity we all shared at this moment.

Where are you from? And what is your favorite spot to chill in your city?

Adamsville, Atlanta– That Illy Westside of ATL. 255 Peter Street is my VIP
spot I like to kick back at…

In the song you say, "I deserve 5 mics." Do you pay attention to social media when you create new music?
A lil bit cause I like to be in tune for the fans. I make my music for the fans. So I
like to make music that would remind them of the greats. Therefore, I speak
to garner attention. I just want the world to pay close attention to what I say
cause I know I possess the gift to paint pictures that should be held in the High
Museum of Art Atlanta…

How did you link with Tracy T?

He slid thru The Inkkwell with Saddam, homie told him he had an artist he
wanted him to hear while playing tracks for Tracy. After that Tracy jumped
on the track and laced it for me. We been rocking ever since. That’s the

What does Skinny do on his days off?


What's does the concept Stack or Starve mean to you?

Stack or Starve is self explanatory. Leave something for a rainy day. Its’ a way
of life for a real “Gangsta” Stack or Starve – Don’t Blow It All!” Salute for the
interview(Dough…#SKINNY #FUKWITME