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SilverSpoon – Curve

Very few artists have the history and resume to match SilverSpoon.
His bloodline is filled with legendary artists and executives while he
is responsible for bringing 50 Cent to the TrackMasters and writing one
of J. Lo’s biggest hits and he recently released his newest visual for
the world.
“Curve” is a fun record and we all
know someone like SilverSpoon on this one. A dude who knows he ain’t
right but he loves girl so in his mind she’s supposed to stick around.
Look out for more from SilverSpoon real soon.


“Itz a Privilege” to be with Priv and Smooth Daniels

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A lot of times the last person we big up and build up is our own self.
Boston MC, Priv, delivers a banger featuring Smooth Daniels and lets the world know that “Itz a Privilege” to be in his presence.
A message that we can all preach to ourselves on a daily basis because its up to you to make sure you have the Godly, King image of yourself so it can rub off to the world.
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Grimey Gurt – Codman Park

Boston is a city a lot of outsiders associate with technology, sports and the funny way of talking; but if you spend a few days in Boston you’ll quickly find out that the glitz and glamor exists like on TV in a select few areas but there’s cities within the city filled with pain.
Without a doubt, one of the faces of the change that can come is Roxbury’s own, Grimey Gurt.
Gurt’s story is like one straight out of the Hip Hop classics; broken home, no hope, no guidance, prison but most importantly the change to doing better and showing people from the same place as him that the world is bigger than the hood. And that’s where we are now.
“Codman Park” is produced by CokeBoy P and Gurt delivers nothing but bars filled with game and pain that only the real ones can relate too. CokeBoy P hits a home run with the Matrix like beat and Gurt’s passion traps you into the chorus-less record.If you’ve ever wondered what Boston sounds like; look no further than Grimey Gurt.

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BossCity HD – Diddy In Da Pot (Video)

A Few weeks ago, Boston emcee BossCity HD, dropped his single “Diddy In Da Pot” and today we are proud to present the video.
BossCity takes us inside the streets of Roxbury, Ma and has the whole city dancing like “Diddy in Da Pot” over an infectious Nard and B beat that you can’t help but to bounce to.
Take That, take That


Pop Da Brown Hornet | “Straighten It Out”


25 year Hip Hop veteran, Pop Da Brown Hornet, is back like he never left.Staten Island is the home to some of the best spitters in the game and Pop’s history puts him in the top tier of emcees.

Late last year Pop teamed up with super producer, Fantom of the Beats, and began to set heat into the atmosphere.

Pop has recently dropped his newest single “Straighten It Out” and this is exactly what the game needs; an OG giving perspective and letting the world know that we have to do better.

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Big Tray Deee Presents “Gangsta” Mini Movie: Starring Mike Epps, Coniyac and DW Flame



Big Tray Deee drops short film for his new project “The General’s List II” which is NOW Available on all digital platforms.
Watch “GANGSTA” starring Big Tray Deee, Mike Epps, Coniyac and DW Flame.


BossCity HD – Diddy In Da Pot (Single)

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Boston, Ma emcee, BossCity HD, is no rookie when it comes to the music industry. Back in the 90’s, BossCity, was part of a group that landed a deal with Sony.
Fast forward through the trials, tribulations and street drama, BossCity HD, has remained one of Boston’s most consistent and ahead of the curve emcees.
“Diddy In The Pot” is produced by super producers, Nard and B, and Bosscity delivers a records bouncy and catchy enough for the radio but the streets will rock with it because if you really been there, “Flippin like Diddy in the Pot” is too real.
Plus it’s always good to hear artists getting more creative when it comes to the game.


Baked Prophecies – “Face Da Starz” ( Video )


Massachusetts is one of the most low key yet hardest working states in Hip Hop with rising stars and and hungry local acts flooding the scene with quality music.

Brockton emcee, Bake, has a few projects and mixtapes under his belt and after he linked with producer, Proph, for his last tape “Untitled”, “Baked Prophecies” was born.

On the lead single, “Face Da Starz”, we hear both emcees spitting real life bars that anyone can relate to. We get to hear Proph really display his lyricism and we get to hear Bake in his bag again proving why he’s one of the smoothest from the state.


Eric B Music Group Presents DeadEye59 | “A.K” featuring Linkz

After serving 8 1/2 years in prison, Farrock emcee, visionary and clothing company owner, DeadEye59 is back and ready to let a clip off.
“A.K” features his TNB Management counterpart, Linkz, and both NY heavyweights remind the world that they aren’t for play and NY still don’t give a F…

The single is available through Eric B Music Group and Empire Distribution on all major retailers.

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DW Flame – Been a Minute (Video) | @DWFlame @BigTrayDeee

Supreme Circle Music Group has been busy in 2018. Big Tray Deee has released his latest project, Tha General’s List II, and his Long Beach protégé, DW Flame, has been supplying the streets with heat all 2018.
“Been a Minute” starts with DW having a conversation with one of his comrade’s he lost to the streets; sitting in the cemetery, sipping his 40 catching up with his loved one.
As soon as the beat drops DW reminds us to never forget the ones you lost but to make sure you don’t take anymore away from him.
His California lifestyle couples perfectly with the bouncy production making “Been a Minute” his best record to date as Supreme Circle looks to make him more than just a household name in Long Beach.