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ProfitGKG – Get It


ProfitGKG, born Marlon David Watkins, has been captivating crowds since he hit the stage 7 years ago. His writing style is unique to his personal experiences. From Huntsville, Alabama, Profit represents his city
unapologetically. He grew up on the south side of Huntsville and his only escape was his music. His determination, resolve, passion and creativity have all led to this moment. Profit’s most popular songs are “Run Nomo” which is symbolic of the times we’re living in and “Get It”, a solid club hit. All of Profit’s lyrics come from personal experiences. Rondey Garth a.k.a. DJ808 of 103.1FM WEUP consistently gives Profit Airplay. DJ808 is a member of the Hitsquad, a group of hitmakers and DJs, that continue to bring new artists to the forefront of the music industry in the Tennessee Valley.

Join Profit’s journey IG: @MoMoneyGKG

Buy The Block Podcast – Dough From Da Go (Interview)

BTB Pod host Noel and Dough From Da Go talk about upcoming artist do’s and dont’s, current Chicago climate and so much more!! Tune in!

ILL Gordon – Illionaire

Third solo project from ILL Gordon title “Illionaire” dropped on Apple and Spotify yesterday which includes some classic boom bap vibes wrapped around his flowing lyrical content. Executive produced by Deka Derse & ILL Gordon featuring Production by SC, DrtyGnus and my favorite guyTony Baines. A definite download for a smooth vibe or weekend party!



Dj Critical Hype – WU CHAINZ (36 Trap Houses)

A public salute from 2 Chainz for Dj Critical Hype who just recently collaborated with A3C on a recent blend project titled “WU CHAINZ – 36 Traphouses” with 2 Chainz lyrics over the mighty Wu-Tang beats. This shit is DOPE! Also check out his Chance the Dropout as well for some unique vibes. Shot out to @ianklarer with the awesome cover artwork  on.




@THEREALSWIZZZ – Pistol On My Side (P.O.M.S) featuring Lil Wayne

Like in life and the new video by Swizz Beatz, the producer and DeeJay, added some major heat to the lyrics of Lil Wayne aka Mr. Carter while the talented but possessed-looking Alicia Keys adds some strong melody via her instrument of choice. The intro is a posed and double-cupped Lil Wayne in his indoor skate park and then pops in the elegant and honest Swizz who recently was quoted by USA TODAY, “You only have so much time – once it’s gone you don’t get it back. Don’t focus on money, focus on building something greater than yourself. “If you’re not making history, you’re wasting your time on Earth,” Dean said.”

This is said to be only the 1st project of a 4 part series to be release by Mr. Dean who recently graduated from Harvard University Business School’s Owner/President’s program, a prestigious three-year graduate program that had previously denied him acceptance not once, but three times! What a powerful role model and example. I am excited to see just WHAT else he has in store. Take your time King – we are ready when you are!


Phor – Help

New music from Chicago’s Phor is a track produced by Lehday titled Help. If you remember, 2 months ago, he dropped “striclyPHORinstagram” which included 23 tracks including Sleep Waking, a 1:00 minute track of pure bars.

Phor never fails when it comes to bars. Call him the candy man…



Jade River – Flowers Die featuring Ariano, Pawz One, & MC Supernatural

Sometimes in music, the stars align to unexpectedly bring together legends to tell a brutally honest and unfiltered story for the ages. Such is the case for Portland producer Jade River’s new single, “Flowers Die.”

“Flowers Die” brings together LA hip hop icons Ariano, MC Supernatural, Pawz One and DJ LaLa on the turntables for a track that harnesses their individual talents within three minutes of raw power. Continuing to elevate his game, Jade’s deceptively simple beat of banging drums with reggae undertones, along with sharpness of LaLa’s cuts, lays the foundation for the in-your-face lyrical flows delivered with flawless execution, weaving a tale about the trials of the human condition and current society.

And yet, through it all, the music lives on.

Independent SoCal hip hop veteran Ariano opens the first chapter of the track with his lilting hook, which drives straight into the hard edges of his verse. Never one to shy away from brutally honest social commentary, Ariano pulls no punches as he addresses everything from Twitter activism to media sensationalism of tragedy.

And yet, through it all, the music lives on.

Chapter two gives way to legendary battle rapper, MC Supernatural, whose epic freestyle sessions have earned him respect the world over. Supernatural may be best know for his marathon freestyling, but on “Flowers Die” he effortlessly controls the verse, laden with remorse and hope, to deliver his own social commentary on the world we live in.

And yet, through it all, the music lives on.

The final chapter of Jade River’s story belongs to Pawz One and his vicious, rapid-fire rhyme schemes. He continues the social narrative, drawing on absent fathers and our obsession with screens, and how it all leads to missing out on a life to lived to the fullest.

And yet, through it all, the music lives on.

With so much talent and style packed into a single song, the sound and story can be in danger of getting lost in the uproar but “Flowers Die” manages to maintain control and deliver a solid track that proves that no matter what, the music lives on.


Credit: Wanja of  I Still Love H.E.R.

Lee Mazin – Ooh Baby

Ruff Ryders newest addition, Lee Mazin drops “Ooh Baby” today! The track produced by Black the Beast is bouncy and Lee’s voice is sexy as she flows through the sound. Something to definitely add to the Party Playlist on your favorite platform. Word is she has a mixtape coming out soon. Grab this track!


Shawn Cook – Clothes Off

Shawn Cook releases his new single “Clothes Off” from his upcoming album The Silky Slim
dropping June 22nd of 2018. His smooth voice over sexy beat sets the perfect vibe to cuddle up!
Pre-Order Now at

The Last American Bboy – Bussin Remix

New Music from New York’s Finest THE LAST AMERICAN BBOY, RON BROWZ & BAEGOD featuring YOUR GIRL NICOLETTE with BUSSIN REMIX! For more music check out his Soundcloud