Arrested Development “I Don’t See You at the Club”


Two-Time Grammy Award Winning Music Group Arrested Development has a new video, “I Don’t See You at the Club” which pretty much shuts down the haters who may see that no body is checking for them. Speech always drops some science and this is no exception. The group for those who might not know ~ is Speech (Vocalist, Producer Turntables), Fareedah (Dancer Singer), Tasha LaRae (Singer), 1 Love (Vocalist Sampler), Za (Bass Guitar, Producer) JJ Boogie (Rhythm Guitar, Engineer, Producer), Extended Family Member Smok (Drums).  AD has sold over 5 million albums to date. They’ve won 2 Grammy awards for best new artist and best rap single 1993. They were the first African – American artists to donate money to Nelson Mandela and the ANC in South Africa. AD has collaborated with director Spike Lee, on the Universal motion picture “X”, Boomerang, among other movies. AD tours Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, Africa and of course the U.S. to standing room-only crowds. They’ve shared stages with legends worldwide. In 2005, AD performed and won as audience favorite on NBC’s, “Hit me Baby 1 more time“. For that show they donated $20,000 to UNICEF for relief in Sudan, Africa. They are constantly on the road and I highly suggest seeing them when they come to your town. Download now >> Official Site
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